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One of the most popular and preferred facial cosmetic surgery, rhinoplasty surgery in Australia is indeed an effective way to enhance and improve a person’s facial profile. Using surgical techniques to reshape, resize, and straighten the nose, this cosmetic (and functional) nose surgery is the go-to plastic surgery procedure for many Australians, especially those living in Queensland. But, you may think, how much is a nose job? Let us discover the answer to the question, how much does it cost to get a nose job, and what factors affect rhinoplasty cost.


What happens during rhinoplasty surgery?

The typical rhinoplasty that is being performed all over the world may have different techniques and materials used by the rhinoplasty surgeons, but ideally, the whole rhinoplasty procedure has basic standard steps to follow.

rhinoplasty consultationOnce your surgeon deems that rhinoplasty is the most suitable plastic surgery procedure to address your beauty concerns, he will then schedule your surgery as an outpatient procedure. To start, your surgeon would either put you under local anaesthesia with sedation or general anaesthesia for more complex improvements or severely anxious patients.

The surgeon then makes incisions inside (and sometimes outside) the nose to visualise the nasal structures that need trimming down, reshaping, refining, or readjusting to correct and improve your nose’s aesthetic and function. The nature of the rhinoplasty procedure and operation would depend on what structures of the nose would need manipulation since rhinoplasty is an individualised surgical procedure. No two surgeries are alike; your surgeon may opt to use implants or transplanted cartilage, bone, or skin to complete the enhancement. After all the revisions, he will then close the cuts with absorbable and biocompatible sutures that dissolve and are not expected to leave any scar or marks afterward.


How much is a nose job?

rhinoplasty resultsNow that you have an idea that although rhinoplasty surgery involves refining a small part of the body and face, it is still not considered as a simple and minor surgery. You can then anticipate that this nose surgery may require a decent amount of money as compensation. According to the 2018 estimation of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, the baseline rhinoplasty cost averages at $5350 in the US. This estimated cost is just the basic procedural fee; other fees associated with the surgery like the surgeon’s fees, hospital fee, medication, and follow-up consultations are not yet included.

In Australia, it is difficult to give an exact rhinoplasty cost estimation because there are many factors that affect the cost of this cosmetic surgery. But just to give you an idea about what to expect if you are to undergo this nose job surgery in Brisbane, the estimated cost of rhinoplasty surgery in Queensland is between $8000 to $20000.


What factors affect your rhinoplasty cost?

As mentioned earlier, there are many elements that one should consider when thinking about and budgeting for rhinoplasty surgery. To be honest, ‘how much is a nose job?’ is not an easy question to answer. So we, here at AU Rhinoplasty Brisbane, would like to give you an idea about what to consider as part of your expenditure when planning for a rhinoplasty procedure.


Surgeon’s fee

rhinoplasty surgeonThe level of experience and expertise of your surgeon will speak volumes about how successful and complication-free your surgery may be expected to be. There are notable rhinoplasty surgeons who focus their practice in perfecting this particular cosmetic surgery, so you can expect that their knowledge and familiarity on the different problems and issues that may be encountered in a surgical rhinoplasty procedure are vast and are deserving to be compensated with a higher professional fee. Many general surgeons or beauty specialists may offer rhinoplasty, but we must advise you to opt for an expert rhinoplasty surgeon to ensure your safety and comfort all throughout the procedure.


Anaesthesia fee

Rhinoplasty procedures that require general anaesthesia would require the services of an anaesthesiologist or a nurse anaesthetist to monitor your vital signs during and after your procedure. Their services are paid separately from that of the surgeon, so expect that their fee would add to your total rhinoplasty cost.


Patient consultations

You can expect that several doctor consultations and assessments may be needed before and after the procedure. Inquire about the basic consultation fee and the total or the anticipated number of appointments you would need to prepare and to monitor your surgery’s progress so you can allot a budget for them as well.


The insurance coverage

Remember when we mentioned earlier that the rhinoplasty procedure could be performed to correct an aesthetic or functional problem concerning your nose? This is a very important factor when considering your rhinoplasty cost because of your insurance coverage. How? Well, typically, medical insurance policies do not cover expenses for elective surgical procedures. This means that if your sole purpose for a nose job is to improve your looks, you would have to pay for your rhinoplasty cost with your own money. However, if your doctor recommended rhinoplasty surgery to address a functional nasal problem that affects your medical condition, and you have substantial medical evidence to support your claim, then discuss your condition with your insurance provider since they may be able to cover half or some of your medical expenses.