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What can a person expect to experience during nose job recovery? This is a question that many people have as they consider having this plastic surgery procedure done. This article will talk about plastic surgery recovery and what to expect during the recovery stage.


What To Expect During Nose Job Recovery

nose job recoveryGetting a nose job will entail a recovery process, just like any other plastic surgery procedure. A person can expect to feel some pain as they recover from their nose job. There is no need to worry as the pain will go away on its own as days go by.

Within a week following the surgery, the pain should have subsided almost completely. A person should be able to manage any pain or discomfort they feel with over-the-counter medicines or home remedies.

A nose splint will be put on the surgical site and will remain there for around a week after the nose job surgery. A follow-up checkup with the surgeon who performed the nose job will allow the doctor to remove the splint and check for the progress of the recovery.


When Will The Nose Job Heal?

The final results of a nose job procedure will be seen anytime from around six months to a year following the surgery. A person can expect the shape and look of their new nose to change during this time. A person needs to be very clear to their surgeon about the final result that they want to achieve with this plastic surgery procedure.


Final Thoughts

If you are thinking about getting a nose job, keep in mind that most recoveries from this surgery are successful. Open communication with the surgeon (and choosing a skilled surgeon) will ensure that the nose job recovery goes according to plan. If you have any qualms about the recovery of a nose job, you can talk to your doctor before the procedure. They will answer your questions and put your mind at ease.